Learning the Various Types of Treatment in Orthodontics

d3There are more than a couple of reasons why you need a visit to the orthodontist. And the fact that you’re reading this only means that someone must have told you that you’re primed for some type of orthodontic treatment. Now probably the one question that’s bugging you right now is what type of orthodontic treatment is available for your case?

First of all, majority if not all orthodontists offer services to patients of all ages. For the most part, orthodontics involves the alignment of teeth, the increase in oral function, and the improvement of occlusions. For those services to be delivered, there are various treatment options that orthodontists will apply, some of which are simply using conventional braces while others might involve surgery. Click here to learn more.

1 – Traditional Braces

Although it’s no secret that conventional braces are quite old, they remain to be the most sought after orthodontic treatment. The fact is conventional braces will never run out of style or become obsolete because they’re the most effective method of addressing spacing and occlusal issues in teeth. Braces normally make use of fixed oral appliances, the most notable of which are brackets. Learn more about Moody Orthodontics in austin.

2 – Early Interceptive Two Phase Treatment

Another option in orthodontics is early interceptive orthodontics, which is in reality just the first step in a two-phase treatment process. This is to be applied to children since it needs to be started at a young age. For the most part, the initial treatment phase must begin at seven or eight years old. It is best that the first phase is done in this age range because the facial bones are still in the process of developing, which in turn means that there’s a big change of guiding the growth of the jaw and the expansion of the palate. The nice thing about interceptive orthodontics is that it can lead to avoiding the use and application of external appliances in kids, plus it also significantly reduces the time of treatment needed.

3 – Retainers

Similar to braces, retainers can somehow be called as old and traditional. They however are unique since they are designed to be removable. The main purpose of a retainer is to maintain the successful result of a particular orthodontic treatment. The main advantage of retainers is that unlike conventional braces, they are a lot more discreet.

4 – Invisalign

The last type of common orthodontic treatment is the popular Invisalign. The most notable benefit of this type of orthodontic treatment option is that it can straighten the positions of the teeth but without the requirement of wearing visible and fixed oral appliances such as conventional braces or brackets. Aside from addressing spacing problems, this clear and transparent dental appliance will also correct bite problems.

Those are basically the most common and sought after orthodontic treatment procedures; you need to set up an appointment with an orthodontist soon to have your problems addressed.